Champion of the Wild

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The Champion of the Wild (previously The Animal Games) is a light-hearted card-based party game for 3-6 players based on the following theme:

Players have attained super-stardom and handsome riches over many years due to their innate ability to communicate with and to train animals of all different species. Every four years, the greatest animal trainers from around the world (the participating players) gather for the ultimate test of their training prowess to discover who will be The Champion of the Wild.


Three events are first selected – one from each of five different categories (speed, power, endurance, technical and team). These events can be any measurable activity, examples including the 100m sprint, high jump, ballroom dancing and hide-and-seek. Players are then dealt a hand of animal cards to choose from and must select one single animal to represent them across all three events, competing against the animals selected by the other players. These events are then played out by way of animated discussion and players each vote according to their opinion on the likely rankings. All votes contribute to the formulation of the event rankings, which will then score points for the appropriate players. The player with the most points after three events wins.

The Champion of the Wild combines the fun and laughter of a conversation-driven party game with the challenge of strategic thinking required for animal selection and event tactics.


It was released as a Kickstarter project in August 2016 but unfortunately was cancelled after it became clear the goal would not be reached. We will be relaunching in autumn 2017 with a lower funding goal and a bigger crowd.

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