Final Kickstarter Event and Animal Polls

OK, so here we are with one day to go until the end of the project and I am overwhelmed by the amazing support there has been from so many of you, so THANK YOU!

If you’re wondering what on earth this is all about, check out the project here.

Below is the third and final round of polls relating to the Kickstarter project – starting with a single new event poll, then a single new animal poll and finally polls relating to the outcome of the UK Championship final event (the Royal Rumble) as mentioned in the project updates. All 3 will be closed at the end of the project late tomorrow night.

New event suggestions can be made right up until the end of the project and the design team will choose one “wild card” event to be added as an extra on top of the events that win these polls – with ALL events suggested right up to the project deadline on Thursday night being considered for this ‘wild card’ option.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Choose up to 3 events…

First draft ski jump art

Then choose up to 6 animals:

The 2 events and 2 animals with the most votes will be included in the game! Up to 4 more animals may also be included in the game, depending how many more stretch goals we unlock…

And finally, for each of the following, choose which rank you expect it to be in the final event of the UK Championships – the Royal Rumble… This will be used to decide the winner of the UK Championships as discussed in project updates.

Remember, the event lasts for 1 hour, there are no special water provisions and flying is allowed to the height of the tallest animal (4.1m in this case). The ring is a square with edges length 27m and in the event of more than one animal being in the ring at the end, they are ranked by judges in the style with which they completed the event…

And that’s it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote and for all your amazing support over the last month – I can’t wait to get the game to your front door next year!

Any questions or comments, please comment below or email me at

Thanks again!



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