Second event poll (and animals too!)

Hello everybody!

Below are the event polls for further events to be added to The Champion of the Wild, as suggested by some of the game’s backers.

In each category, there is one event that represents a current prototype event. If this event loses the poll, it will be replaced by one of the new suggestions (as we have not yet unlocked any further events since the last poll).

There is one poll for each event category and one poll for each animal category (2 land animals, 1 sea creature and 1 bird). The animals listed as options have been carefully selected to maintain the game’s balance.

Polls will close on Tuesday October 10th at 11pm BST. The events to be replaced will be selected by our design team once a winner has been selected.

Note that you can select multiple answers in this poll (unlike the previous one)…







NEW ANIMALS – choose up to 4


Thank you for voting – we will announce the results on the first update after polls close on Tuesday evening (October 10th) at 11pm BST.

Thanks again!



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