Animal Games video reviews and launch date

I hope you’ll allow me to take a short moment away from my passionate sense of injustice about the childishness of children’s games for a second. Because today I want to mention The Animal Games – a board game I’ve designed that’s due to launch on Kickstarter in 10 days on August 2nd.

Box contents spread

When my wife first goaded me in to going through with trying to get this thing published I didn’t quite realise the amount of time and money that I was committing myself to spending.

From cutting out cards during quiet surgical night shifts, to staying up long in to the evening writing contracts for our artist, to editing graphic files and uploading them online to make prototypes, it turns out there is a LOT that goes in to making a game.

All events front and back

Fortunately, Jamey Stegmaier exists. He’s written a huge database of Kickstarter lessons that educate any would-be creator as to how they can build a successful project and get their game published. He was right when he said it would be hard work, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

To see an idea come to life like this and to see it gradually evolve over time and repeated playtesting is really rewarding. It’s a lot like having children. Only less vomit and more paper cuts.

3 animal fronts

Anyways,  I’m hearing a definite cry of “that’s enough droning” through my interweb sixth sense, so here are the links to a couple of new independent video reviews for The Animal Games that explain the game nicely.

The first is a 2-minute review, with rules explanation and some quick thoughts. The second is an extended review, with positives and negatives of the game as it stands and some very positive feedback, as well as some fair feedback for improvement during the project.

Thanks to Ben for taking the time to do those reviews and for his kind words.

If you want to hear another review, check out this podcast by the Geek All Stars at 1 hour 15 mins

Here’s to the birthday of my third child on August 2nd – wish me luck with the labour!


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