100m sprint part 1 – cheetah v sailfish v peregrine falcon

Imagine the scene. A huge stadium packed out with people on the last night of the Games. One hundred thousand people in their seats, all with their gaze fixed on the starting blocks for the male 100m sprint, where 6 animals are limbering up.

In lane one, the pronghorn antelope stands proudly, gently pawing the ground with his delicate hooves.

In lane two – a water lane – the sailfish darts back and forth metronomically in his underwater starting berth, his movements broadcast to the stadium on a big screen entitled “Water Cam”.

In lane three, the cheetah looks calm and contented, striding up and down his lane and soaking up the atmosphere, stopping occasionally to do some final stretches.

In lane four, the peregrine falcon stands motionless on the start line, eyes fixed unerringly on the track ahead.

In lane five, the mighty lion lies lazily on the track behind the start line, glancing greedily towards the antelope in lane one.

In lane six, the competition’s surprise package – the brown hare – waves excitedly at his family who are sitting in the front row of the crowd.

“On your marks,” comes the starter’s voice.

Suddenly silence reigns. The tension is palpable. Each animal takes their place on the start line in their bespoke starting block.

“Get set.”

There is nothing but silence for five full seconds… One… Two… Three… Four… Five…


The crowd roars to life as the animals tear out of the blocks. It’s all over in less than 10 seconds… But which animal will be celebrating the gold?

Well, I’ve had a little too much time to contemplate this so I’ll share my thoughts with you. Unfortunately I’m out of time tonight and I’ve already written too much so I’ll send it out later this week. In the mean time, who do you think would win?


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